Welcome to Worldwide Primates

Worldwide Primates is a leading supplier of premium quality non-human primate models for research, including government, university, and pharmaceutical level facilities.

We supply various research model primate species such as Rhesus macaques, Cynomolgus monkeys, marmosets, and baboons. For a full list of the primate research models we supply, please refer to “our primates” page.

In addition to supplying non-human primate research models of the highest quality, Worldwide Primates also specializes in:

  • Contract Primate Quarantine Services
  • Domestic and International Transportation
  • Short and Long Term Primate Housing
  • Contract Primate Model Production. 
  • Primate Biological Materials, including sera, plasma, tissues, etc.

Our 30 years experience in this business ensures your research and your primate models, are our top priority. Worldwide Primates is a CDC registered non-human primate quarantine facility, as well as a USDA licensed dealer. 

Please browse our site, and feel free to contact us with any specific questions or inquiries.